Equipment & Technology

TLSTechnologies have become integral to the construction industry. Easton Concrete is invested heavily in technology. Everything from how we take and output bids, locating the placement of footing and walls, placing, and finishing slabs to how we send the final invoice. All of the technology we use on a daily basis helps us to perform our jobs more efficiently with a higher degree of communication. This all equates back to being able to provide the best possible customer service.

Easton Concrete takes pride in the equipment we use on a daily basis. Our crew trucks are customized to have all of the pertinent tools for most any job. The Boom Trucks allow us to move our forms in and out of the job site greatly reducing labor. Owning our own pump trucks provides us more flexibility and efficiencies on when and how we pour. Ride on Trowels increase square footage of floor we are able to pour. Use of truss screed increases flatness and reduces laydown labor. Keeping all equipment organized and well-maintained keeps cost down and increased productivity.

Our rebar fabrication equipment is also integral to our operation. We are able to fab rebar for most any job, allowing us to start jobs earlier than having to wait for rebar to be delivered. Fabricating our own rebar also gives us cost advantage.

Easton Concrete’s investment into the latest technologies and equipment makes a better work place for our employees, increases productivity, and helps us serve our loyal customers efficiently.